Helper: filemanager/util/multi-file

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Provides a multi-file selector based on the file browser from filemanager/util/browser.


1. Load this handler either in your handler:

$this->run ('filemanager/util/multi-file');

Or anywhere in your view:

{! filemanager/util/multi-file !}

2. Create the HTML elements for the input field and the

preview area:

    {"Attach files"}:
    <div id="preview"></div>
    <input type="hidden" name="files" id="files" />

3. Use the $.multi_file() function to initialize the plugin:

$.multi_image ({
    field: '#files',
    preview: '#preview'

This helper stores the list of files in the following format in the input field, so you can easily split them into an array:



  • field - The selector of an input field to update with the list.
  • preview - The selector of an element to use to contain the list preview.