Helper: admin/util/minimal-grid

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A minimal responsive grid system for Elefant's apps.

This helper includes a minimal responsive grid for laying out an app's output for consistent display across websites.


In PHP code, call it like this:

$this->run ('admin/util/minimal-grid');

In a view template, call it like this:

{! admin/util/minimal-grid !}

Example HTML structure

<div class="e-row">
    <div class="e-col-75">
    <div class="e-col-25">

Available classes:

.e-row               A centered row of 992px that scales via media queries
.e-row-variable      A row of variable width
.e-row-equal         A variable width row of equal height columns
.e-no-padding        Removes padding on an element
.e-no-padding-left   Removes padding-left on an element
.e-no-padding-right  Removes padding-right on an element
.e-col-10            A column of 10%
.e-col-20            A column of 20%
.e-col-25            A column of 25%
.e-col-30            A column of 30%
.e-col-33            A column of 33%
.e-col-40            A column of 40%
.e-col-50            A column of 50%
.e-col-60            A column of 60%
.e-col-66            A column of 66%
.e-col-70            A column of 70%
.e-col-75            A column of 75%
.e-col-80            A column of 80%
.e-col-90            A column of 90%
.e-col-100           A column of 100%

See the file apps/admin/css/minimal-grid.html for usage examples.