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Script includes for converting a standard website into a single-page app.

Also adds any script helpers as defined from a comma separated list. This is not an advanced framework for single-page apps. This helper is simply for catching links and fetching any normal $page->body data via ajax, then replacing the existing body content on the webpage.

Note: This utility currently does not handle forms.


This utility should be called to in the <head> of the desired layout after {! admin/head !} has been called.

{! admin/util/async !}

To deal with the differences between how the setup of scripts can differ, there are two parts to assist in managing these scripts.

First is triggers. These are jQuery.trigger() events to manage the DOM and ajax data along different points of the ajax fetch. They are triggered on the $(document) node.

Called before the ajax request is made:


Called upon successful RESTful data return and before DOM insertion happens:


Called after the DOM insertion happens:


Called if all data operations have succeeded:


Called if a RESTful error is returned:


Called if the ajax request fails:


Called after the ajax request has finished:


Second is helpers. These are pre-made scripts that make use of the above triggers to manage and assist scripts that are loaded in via the ajax request.

Helpers can be requested via comma separated 'helpers' parameter. The script naming convention is "".

{! admin/util/async?helpers=polls,events.calendar,myapp.handler !}