Helper: admin/util/dynamicobjects

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Provides a modal dialog to browse for dynamic objects to embed.


1. Load this handler either in your handler:

$this->run ('admin/util/dynamicobjects');

Or anywhere in your view:

 {! admin/util/dynamicobjects !}

2. Use the $.dynamicobjects() function to open the dialog window:

 $.dynamicobjects ({
     set_value: '#field-id',
     callback: function (embed_code, handler, params, label) {
         console.log (embed_code);
         console.log (handler);
         console.log (params);
         console.log (label);


  • callback - A function to call with the resulting embed code.
  • set_value - The selector of an input field to update with the resulting embed code.
  • current - Current embed code, for updating existing values.