Helper: filemanager/slideshow

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Creates a slideshow of the images from the specified folder.

Found in the WYSIWYG editor's dynamic objects menu as "Images: Slideshow", or add this to a template:

{! filemanager/slideshow?path=foldername !}

The foldername is a folder of images inside /files/ or the directory set by the 'filemanager_path' option in your config file.

Alternatively, it can be used via this template tag:

 {! filemanager/slideshow?files=filelist&name=idsuffix !}

files is a list of images inside /files/ or the directory set by the filemanager_path option in your config file.

files can either be an array or a string with each file path delimited by | or a glob pattern like 'stuff/*_light.jpg'.

idsuffix will be appended to the CSS id of the slideshow.

To set the transition speed in milliseconds add a speed parameter in the form SPEED.

To set the photo ratio, add a ratio parameter in the form WIDTH:HEIGH.

To change the transition effect, add an effect parameter (based on the list available at

For example:

{! filemanager/slideshow?path=foldername&ratio=4:3&speed=1500&effect=fade !}

Note that this will also reorient photos that have been uploaded from devices that don't automatically correct the photo orientation, based the EXIF metadata.