API Documentation

Class Description
Acl A simple access control class for implementing custom permissions in your applications.
Appconf This class manages access to the configuration settings for all apps.
Cache This is a basic class that immitates Memcache via the filesystem so handlers can use "poor man's caching" even if Memcache ins't available.
Cli Command line utility methods.
Controller Controller provides the request marshalling to Elefant handlers.
CRUD Generates a RESTful CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) interface for a given model, with control for enforcing limits, visibility of fields, and which fields can be updated through the REST API.
DB DB is a database abstraction layer and connection manager.
Debugger This is the debugging handler.
Envconf Wraps Appconf's getters in a check to see whether the equivalent environment variable has been set, and if so, returns that instead.
ExtendedModel ExtendedModel extends Model to include the ability to add arbitrary values to a single field that will be JSON encoded in storage and transparently decoded in use.
FileManager Provides an API for managing common file operations such as listing directory contents, renaming, and deleting files.
Form Form is an elegant form handling class.
FrontController This is the Elefant front controller class.
I18n I18n is a class that makes it easier to add multiple language support to PHP programs.
Image Image-manipulation methods.
Ini A very simple class that abstracts reading/writing INI data from strings and files.
JobQueue Implements a basic job queue for executing background tasks.
Link Generate correct links for site navigation, based on the various combinations of page_url_style, multilingual, negotiation_method, and the currently active page.
Lock A simple locking mechanism for ensuring users don't edit the same object at the same time.
Mailer Mailer is a wrapper around Zend_Mail configured from Elefant's global mail settings.
MemcacheAPC Provides a Memcache-compatible wrapper for the PHP APC extension.
MemcacheExt Extends Memcache with a method that takes a key, timeout, and a function that will be called to produce the value if it is not found in the cache.
MemcacheRedis Provides a Memcache-compatible wrapper for the Redis PHP extension.
MemcacheXCache Provides a Memcache-compatible wrapper for the PHP XCache extension.
Model A class you can extend to create model objects in your application.
MongoManager Class to manage the connection to a MongoDB database.
MongoModel A class you can extend to create model objects in your application that write to a MongoDB collection in the back-end.
Navigation Handles managing the navigation tree as a jstree-compatible json object.
Page Basic document object used to contain the elements sent to the layout template for rendering.
Product Provides the abstracted product info for white-labelling the CMS.
Restful Restful is a base class for implementing REST APIs.
Template Template is a template compiler and rendering engine.
Tree Handles managing a tree of objects as a JSON file.
User This is the default user authentication source for Elefant.
Validator Provides flexible input validation for form and model input.
Versions Keeps a change history of any Model object.
View View provides a facility for calling functions or templates and returning their data, for the purpose of separating presentational logic from handlers.