Using Composer packages

Using Composer and Packagist, PHP's dependency manager and package library, you can install any Elefant apps and themes, as well as third party libraries.

You can even install Elefant itself via:

php composer.phar create-project elefant/cms --stability=dev /var/www

Note: The --stability=dev is required while Elefant 2 is still in beta.

To use Composer to install packages in your Elefant website, here are the steps you need to do:

  1. Create a composer.json file in the root of your site with a custom vendor-dir pointing to lib/vendor:

    { ""require"": { ""merk/Dough"": """", ""elefant/app-assetic"": """", ""elefant/app-form"": """", ""elefant/theme-montreal"": """" }, ""config"": { ""vendor-dir"": ""lib/vendor"" } }

The above example will install the merck/Dough library, as well as the Assetic and Form Builder apps and the Montreal theme for Elefant. Apps are automatically installed into the apps/ folder, and themes into the layouts/ folder. Third party libraries will be available under lib/vendor/.

  1. To use third party libraries, you'll need to require the Composer autoloader. Create a file named bootstrap.php in the root of your site and add this line:

  2. Run the Composer install from the command line:

    $ cd /path/to/your/site $ php composer.phar install

You should now be able to use any Composer package in your apps, complete with autoloading. For example:

<?php // apps/test/handlers/test.php

use DoughMoneyMoney;

$money = new Money (5.75);
$money = $money->times (1.12);
echo $money->getAmount ();


Simply edit the require list in composer.json to add new packages you want to use, then run php composer.phar update to update your libraries, apps, and themes.

Click here for a full list of Elefant's apps and themes available through Composer.

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