Code example: Hello world

Step 1. Create your app

On the command line, run the following commands:

$ cd /path/to/your/site
$ ./elefant build-app hello

This will create the directory structure for your new app. You can also simply create the folders manually if you prefer, or aren't comfortable on the command line. The folder structure is as follows:


Step 2. Edit your handler

Open the file apps/hello/handlers/index.php and add this code:


// get the name parameter from the URL
list ($name) = count ($this->params) ? $this->params : 'World';

// send the request on to the view template
echo $tpl->render ('hello/index', array ('name' => $name));


Where did $this and $tpl come from? Think of them like $_GET and $_POST. They're created for you by the front controller (the main index.php) so your script has access to them without the need to create them yourself. $this is a Controller object, and $tpl is a Template object.

Step 3. Edit the view

Open the file apps/hello/views/index.html and add this code:

<p>Hello {{ name }}</p>

You can now go to the URL /hello/John on your site and you should see the output <p>Hello John</p>.

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