App configurations

Configuration data for an app is contained in its conf folder. This can include general settings and also schemas and other data.

The main configurations used in your handlers should go in the conf/config.php file in your app, which should be formatted in INI format, like this:

; <?php /*


setting_name = ""value""

; */ ?>

Accessing your settings

In any handler within your app, you can access the data in your conf/config.php file via the $appconf array made available through the controller. For example, to access the above value you would say:


echo $appconf['Appname']['setting_name'];


[Admin] section

The [Admin] section of the config.php file is used to tell Elefant how an app should be included in the toolbar for site admins. It has the following settings:

; The name of the app for the Tools menu
name = Events

; The handler to call when the Tools > Events link is clicked
handler = events/admin

; The version number of the app
version = 0.9-beta

; The handler to call to run any install routines
install = events/install

; The handler to call to run any upgrade routines
upgrade = events/upgrade

Section names

The sections are used to organize your settings, and other than [Admin] they are completely up to you.

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