Page Editing

The page editor has three main fields:

  • Page title - The title of the page
  • Page ID - The unique ID for the page, used in the URL to refer to the page, for example:
  • Body - The page body, a WYSIWYG Editor that can contain anything you'd like

There are also a few Extra Options for power users.

Save buttons

There are several buttons at the bottom of the edit form:

Page Edit save options

Save & Keep Editing will save behind-the-scenes, handy for saving your progress while you continue to make changes.

Preview will pop up a preview window with the latest edits.

Cancel will also unlock the page so others can edit if you choose to abandon your edits. Otherwise, the page will remain locked for 40 minutes from the time you started editing.


In addition to Save & Keep Editing, Elefant will keep an autosave copy of your work in the browser in case of a crash. If you need to recover your changes after you reopen your browser, go back to the page you were editing and edit it again. This time you will see the following notice at the top of the form:

Page Edit restore

Simply click the restore link to restore your previous edits into the form below.

Note: This also works for blocks, blog posts, as well as layouts and stylesheets in the Designer tool.

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