Custom fields

Custom fields enable you to extend the existing content types (web pages, blog posts, users) in Elefant and add your own fields to them. These can then be used by designers to customize the visitor experience on your site.

Content that can be extended with custom fields will show a "Custom Fields" link at the top of its page under the Tools menu. Click on that link to customize your field list.

The types of fields you can add are:

  • Single-line text lets you add single-line fields such as an author's name.
  • Paragraph text lets you add paragraph-length fields, such as summary text.
  • Drop down lets you define a list of options, such as a category list.
  • File link lets you attach any type of file to your content.
  • Image link lets you to attach an image file to your content.

You can also mark fields as required, and reorder them via drag and drop.

When you visit the add or edit form for your content type, your custom fields will be available under the "Custom Fields" section of the form.

If no fields are required, then the section may be closed by default. Simply click on the section name to open it.

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