Upgrading Elefant

Important: Before upgrading, make sure to backup your site first.

To upgrade your site, use the Elefant CLI tool like this:

./elefant update

The update command pulls patches from the elefant-updates Github repository, then does a dry run to test whether the patches can be applied without conflicts. If so, it will apply the patches from oldest to newest. If not, it will store a log of the conflicts in the conf/updates/error.log file so you can manually merge the patches with your Elefant customizations.

Security note: SHA keys for each patch file are stored in the elefant-checksums repository under a separate Github account. These are used to verify the authenticity of each patch before applying them.

Upgrading apps

Using the Elefant CLI tool

Note: This feature is still under development.

Using the Elefant CLI tool, enter the following command to update all of your apps at once:

./elefant update all

Using Composer

Using Composer, you can run the following command to update all installed packages, including apps, themes and PHP libraries:

composer update

One last step

Log into Elefant and if there's an update routine that also needs to be run, it will appear highlighted in the Tools menu as App Name (click to upgrade).

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