Backing up your site

Backing up an Elefant site is as simple as running the following command:

./elefant backup ~/backups/

This will generate a timestamped backup file, named in the form backup-2014-01-23-08-23-55.tar.gz. The database backup can be found in the file dump.sql in the backup file. The backup file will be saved to the folder specified in the command, in this case ~/backups/.

Scheduled backups

Here's an example crontab configuration for nightly backups at 2am:

0 2 * * * /var/www/elefant backup ~/backups/

Note: Make sure to change the path to match your website document root.

Exporting the database

You can also export just the database with the following command:

./elefant export-db ~/exported.sql

This will create an exported.sql file in your home folder containing your complete database schema and content.

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