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  • I will try and read up the documentation and see if I can figure it out
  • I will try that since you've suggested it, but I really need 2 weeks work on one entry and one email. I am thinking the custom form would work. What about page navigation? Can something like that work where the form has a "next entry" nav button so …
  • Ah. maybe so. I know there have been some recent updates to it available.
  • The dates come up fine as it is. I am trying to allow them to enter one timesheet for all 2 weeks worth of work and one email will be sent out for that entry.
  • Not necessarily, as Patreon is designed as a little "incentive" so to speak and helps contribute to supporting the project. Just think about it.
  • {"DiscussionID":"1319","DraftID":"0","FormSaved":true,"DeliveryType":"VIEW","Data":"PGRpdiBpZD0iRGlzY3Vzc2lvbkZvcm0iIGNsYXNzPSJGb3JtVGl0bGVXcmFwcGVyIERpc2N1c3Npb25Gb3JtIj4KICAgPGRpdiBjbGFzcz0iRm9ybVdyYXBwZXIiPjxmb3JtIG1ldGhvZD0icG9zdCIgYWN0aW9uPSIvZ…
  • Can't wait to see what's in store for 3.0! I am glad you are still keeping Elefant alive. Ever thought about setting up an account on Patreon?
  • No problem.
  • I have the logo working fine. I am looking to create a timesheet of a sort for a 2 week period that will give a tablular report. Have anything like that built or lead me in the right direction regarding multiple dates on the form? Using form builder…
  • Not sure either. Working on it now. Its a site for entering data via forms and spitting out reports. Similar to what we worked on years ago.
  • I have attempted to use these dimensions but still same result. I know this thread is old but reopened it today in a new thread. Sorry. Forgot about this original post.
  • Any new updates on this Johnny?
  • I have it in my html file now...going to style it. Its late...excuse the stupidity. lol
  • We can always just personally email you all of our questions J and you can respond :-) No spam involved. lol
  • Switch your clients over to Linux :-) Problem solved. But honestly, I have never heard of IE deleting pages. See if there is some spyware protection or phishing app built may think its not a legit page.
  • I am on Chromium under Linux...and have no problems. Chrome is also installed on a Windows box I have as well with no issues. Maybe you have some sort of issue with cookies or something. I would try resetting the Chrome/Chromium preferences and sett…
  • Well...there you go...someone to ban right there. Its getting a little annoying these days all the spammers and bots out there.
  • Seems to be working again...looks like because of being on a shared hosting account, my site was infected with some encrypted code. Nice eh? Anyway, installing the site again and getting it back up and running.
  • Still just a blank white page. It has something to do with the htaccess again. Here is the entries from the log file. [Mon Dec 31 01:58:34 2012] [warn] [client xx.xx.xx.xx] mod_fcgid: stderr: Error in /html/flipware/lib/I18n.php on line 273: syntax…
  • I am checking right now. Unfortunately, every 7 days you have to click update logs in the control panel otherwise, it doesn't log any errors. Its a retarded system they have but I guess they do it that way to save space.
  • Strange but all of a sudden, I only get a blank white page now. Never changed anything...haven't logged into the site in a few days and now I cannot access anything. Check it out and see what I mean. Thanks.
  • I just went to the themes looks good up there. Thanks a lot!
  • I figured out most of it from reading last night...but what I am having trouble doing right now is pulling the updates from elefant. I did a set-url origin git:// since my forked one isn't updating and when I do a git…
  • Worked like a champ now. Let me see if I can push the update to the theme. Update pushed to github. Figuring it all out now :-)
  • Ahh...I thought I was going crazy considering I have made templates before. That's why I went and left the sidebar block out of the Bootstrapper template I made. Couldn't get it to work. lol
  • That's awesome. Glad it suited requirements. :-)
  • i got the unstyled navigation figured out. I am not liking the table layout though. Its bunching things together even though I changed the container from 940px to 100%. Little more time and should have it ready.
  • I have cloned mtech/elefant and checked the index file you fixed today, apparently my fork of elefant is not updating as the / was still before the ? What I don't understand is why on github are the forks not updating from the origins? Is there some…