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  • Thanks, you're right. Stupid that I didn't notice that myself. I use a general head template that is included in other pagetemplates. For an app the references should be different, referencing from an app subdirectory.
  • Great! Thanks, Now it works fine.
  • If I update the scripts like you said and indeed a date is showing before every headline, but it is always "Jan 1". I tried to change the gmdate in headlines.html in several ways but without succes. When I remove the gmdate function completely the …
  • I tried again and it works now. Can't say what went wrong the first time :(. Thanks again.
    in image link Comment by reems April 2012
  • Thanks! I'm using MySQL. On the basis of your information I reinstalled the app and now it works great. The form table was still missing after my first install.
    in form app Comment by reems April 2012
  • Sorry, maybe I explained it not right. I don't want to link to an image. I want a link in an image, so I can click on the image to go to another page.
    in image link Comment by reems April 2012
  • Ok. I now did "Rebuild Index". There are no other new lines. After that, the three lines with the & are still empty and I cannot fill them. After entering a text it says "saved" but moving to the next page and back shows the inputfield empty …
  • Did it. git clone gist-8d00a793 Before pasting it into Git I checked the file itself and found out that in the Dutch translation instead of & there was @. I changed those by hand. Dutch translation …
  • Sorry, still no luck
  • I have tried also in Firefox and also a single & and the corresponding htmlcode. But both did not work. If necessary I can use just "and" instead of the &. There are three lines with the & sign problem. The rest of the Dutch translation…
  • 2 days ago I downloaded 1.2 version but there the translation app was missing. So I took from Github again a 1_1_3_beta version in which I did found the translation tool. I use PHP Version 5.3.9-ZS5.6.0 on Google Chrome
  • Works great! Thanks.
  • I have tried to alter the by Artisteer generated css concerning the menu. First of all that is rather extensive and second, I did not manage to get it right. So that is why I changed the printing of the ul tag in your scripts. I understand that you …
  • Apologies for the strange effect the tags have in the post......
  • Thank you very much for the quick update.:) I'm going to try that the coming days and will test this with an Artisteer template as well. If this works fine with the Artisteer template export I will make it available to the community with explanatio…