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  • Firefox 20.0 on Linux Mint 13 Also can add new pages but 'add page' hangs although new page was apparently created; i.e. if I back up in browser and go to Tools-Pages, the page just added is there Not sure this is not some phpmyadmin issue as I a…
  • Cleared cookies - logged in again - added another page - and there they are : page created ... page created ... page created ... page created... [close all] clicking [close all] momentarily clears back to one, but then all 4 return
  • I changed the prefix "elefant_" in config.php to "" to get past the table error reported above can now log in to admin but .... get no admin toolbar and a lot of garbage on right side of screen ( user added...user deleted..block saved...seemly add…
  • Great - thanks error returned is SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'GGIC_Elefant.elefant_user' doesn't exist indeed there is no table 'elefant_user' in the GGIC_Elefant db (there is a table, 'user') this would suggest th…
  • OK - clearly seems like DB connection problem db.php returns only Array ( ) mysql following is just a quick test to see if I understand (really basic) Markdown after 1 min intro just a repeat of the db.php code
  • Believe I have now set up virtual host correctly - here are settings and result /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf Virtual hosts Include etc/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf /etc/hosts localhost HP2 www.GGIC2.lo ../extr…
  • ok using gives same result, i.e. on Elefant admin mysql Incorrect email or password, please try again. and Home page link is not recognized I am running LAMPP and Firefox Please forgive me but the virtual host …
  • oops = did not send all the html - sorry form action is '/GGIC2/admin' href for home is '/GGIC2/'
  • here is source for localhost/GGIC2/admin clicking on homepage from here gives 'Page Not found' and home link does not respond likely something in plain sight that I am missing Thanks Elefant CMS - Please log in to continue. …
  • no, using mysql
  • Ok - got past this - thanks