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  • If we're serious and MIT is a prerequisite, then w2ui is worth looking at too I think. along with FlexiGrid and SlickGrid (I think that's probably enough for now?)
  • @alpi Well, if there was real money involved that would open things up a bit and include things like the dhtmlx pro grid and related widgets, which is a bit crippled in its open source version. But man, there are so many commercial grid/widget optio…
  • That page is great! Thanks. WRT each site having its own database, there's an excellent discussion of the various ways of setting up the database architecture for a multi-tenant site in an msdn post and an excellent presentation (the code is Ruby b…
  • There are a bunch of good grids and there's a lot to like about all of them. In addition to the very nice jqGrid and jqWidgets' jqxgrid, you might want to checkout the Kendo UI web controls grid available as an open source GPLv3 edition. Personally…
  • As so often seems to be the case, you exceed my expectations. Thanks!
  • I haven't started doing anything yet with ACL, but I think it's worth some more conversation. For instance (and I'm sure this is at least a bit out of scope), I just got a contract to allow translators to work on a collection of resources in a sass…
  • How about changing User::require_admin to User::require_auth("admin") and then including a default conf/acl.php in each app that set the default permissions for an 'admin' user and a 'member' user. User::require_auth would take any valid role as a p…
  • I'm going to need something like this in a saasy context as well, perhaps granting special permissions to additional account types.
  • Thanks for the quick reply! I'll see what I can do. :-)
  • Thanks! I didn't mean to be gone from this conversation so long. I'll definitely spend some more time with it and probably be back with some more questions as I go.