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  • I don't use one myself, but here in germany seems to be top of the pops.
  • I dont want to modify any handler, I think it shoud be in the render function itself.. if ($data['return_raw_data'] === true) { return $data; } else { do the usual render stuff.. }
    in JSON App Comment by betaman June 2013
  • Thanks for the examples I'll check them out. It looks like that's exactly what I was looking for, when it comes to manipulating the data :-) Is there a way to GET Data from the Controller uncompiled for Example $out = $this->controller->unco…
    in JSON App Comment by betaman June 2013
  • That's cool :-) Its a small feature that nobody will ever precieve, because it feels so natural :-) I also did some small stuff on the adminbar :-) I'll make a pull request.. Cheers betaman
  • What about using a cookie to store the last 'non-admin' page?
  • From my experience with customers, the edit Buttons next to the editable item are much more intuitive then a fullscreen admin Panel a la WordPress. Especially, if you have more than just one big body textfield. I personally like the clean and minim…
  • Glad you like it :-)
  • Hey guys, did you solve the problem with the navigation?
  • I added the Navigation Menu to the List. Its drag n drop is not working on touchscreens yet :-(
  • hI jevansnc, sorry I'm fully booked as well at the moment, which is kind of :-( and :-) Cheers betaman
  • Yeah. Lets get those Bugs ;-)
  • Yeah, take a break you deserve it. And switch keyboards so your joints don't get rusty :-)
  • I thought in a multilingual setup en/ would be the representation of index for the english language (aka the Startscreen), but of course the redirect is also an option and simplifiers the handlers :-) Putting in the homepage redirects is a good idea…
  • I think we could offer a navigation/language, I mean hey, why not? I'm not sure if you are confused, though :-) Just to clarify: In navigation/contextual, navigation/map and navigation/topthere are no links to /en or /fr (but I think there should …
  • Hi Johnny, the difference is that you don't have links to the homepages :-) so you can't reach /en or /fr Cheers Betaman
  • Sure, here is the json: Don't forget to set your [i18n]multilingual = ON in your conf/config.php
  • I merged your stuff into mine and added some things which are related to multlingual pages. Here is an example of all navis: As you can see the Homepage is displayed on the same level as th…
  • I updated my fork, I keep my fingers crossed, that we are real close (if not done) now. Send me a word if I should start a pull request, or do some rework.. Cheers Betaman
  • I agree, that's much better. I understood from your latest gist (, that you want to keep the index for some reason, so I tried to implement it, but dropping it simplifies things,…
  • Hi Johnny, Sorry I could not look into it earlier. But now I found time and I really like the Link Class. Its very nice to use :-) I made a suggestion for the multilingual part. I commited my modifications to my fork. Here is what I found out: T…
  • At first glance that looks pretty awesome. I have to go to work now :-( but i definitely think it's the way to go. I will send you Feedback when i read through it... Cheers Betaman
  • Do you have more than one Gallery on your page? Because if you select embedded, the lightbox shouldn't be included alltogether:
  • Are you using the colorbox (which is new in the latest github version) or do you still have the fancybox? I just tested the gallery on latest github version windows in ff ie and chrome and it works as expected in embedded mode (there is no lightbox …
  • Check this: first is cover, second is contain
  • If the original images doesn't have the same ratio as the resized image there are three options to deal with it. Cover and contain keep the ratio and work similar to the CSS property: background-size (…
  • Sorting the Images would be awesome. I don't know if it's possible, but what do you think about, organizing the files similar to the Navigation admin menu. There could be an edit and an delete button on the draggables, similar to the Folder Icon on…
  • Ok, have fun and enjoy it..
  • Are you crazy :-) Looks like the whole thing was rewritten ... I merged your changes in my fork... Check it out and tell me what you think about it, if you like it I'll make a pull request..
  • I like to revive old ones ;-) it can give you some context about the topic, which othrwise would have been lost.. Cheers betaman
  • Hey Johnny I updated my git with the new navs. I think it's pretty good now. I made a new handler navigation/util/link which ads all the features to the links. (active class, current class or nest…