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  • This ought to be working again with Google's updated library in the next update :)
  • Ah, I see what you mean. I think the ext change should improve things, but I'll have to test other variations so it converts and saves under the right extension in all cases.
  • Error should be fixed in the next update. Thanks for catching that. There's no way to change the "Extras" header directly, but if you create a new category and put all of the apps under it so that Extras would be empty, it'll show yours and hide Ex…
  • I like this. Just pushed a change to adopt it for the next update. Thanks!
  • I believe in the one direction you could just call $event->business ()->owner (). The other's a bit messier though (all events for all businesses for a user), but could be done like this as a method on the User class: /** * Return events fro…
  • Ah yes, it looks like I forgot to update the database schema to mark that app as up-to-date, but since that update was already in the installed schema it ended up causing this error. I just pushed an update that I think will fix it, but I'll have t…
  • Google ended their support for OpenID so I should probably remove that and find an updated library that supports their current login system.
  • That method isn't for converting between formats, just for resizing the image. But the default value for $format was jpg which is what caused the issue with .png images. I just pushed a change to make the default ext which I think is a smarter defa…
  • Apologies, been a crazy week but will try to put together an example for you this weekend.
  • If you have a Github account, this is a good option: Otherwise, works too.
  • Where do you think you're getting stuck? I usually start a form with the basic usage example ( and then just focus on the view template until I'm happy with that. I also often don't worry…
  • That would still take making a custom form. But that would also give you more control over the layout so you can design it to be easier to read and use (breaking days up, or showing it in columns, for example).
  • Will do :)
  • I'm thinking I need to put a day into upgrading the forum... :P
  • I would think a custom form would be needed for that, and that the big challenge isn't so much storing the entries as it is a UI challenge not cluttering up a page with that many fields. This may also help make it easier to add date widgets to your…
  • Hmm, not sure what the best approach would be but probably writing a custom form at that point. This may help make the date selection on a custom form a bit easier:
  • I feel like I would need to be able to provide way more regular updates to make Patreon work. It's been mostly just bug fixes for the things I need myself these days, although I have a few things in my to-dos that will be nice improvements in genera…
  • Thanks! I've seen this come up before and will have to look into why it's happening again.
  • Strange, I'm not sure where I got 400x264 from before, but it looks like the width and height ought to be 250x100 according to the template: I looked at the CSS and I…
  • That's very odd. If the version in that entry matches what's in apps/blog/conf/config.php, then it shouldn't show the upgrade notice for that app. And the same check is in the upgrade script that shows the "Already up-to-date" notice. Without havin…
  • I would try removing the entry and see if that lets you run the update.
  • It sounds like it may be confused about the version of the blog app that's installed. If you look at the elefant_app table, it should have an entry like this: [ blog | 1.1.4-stable ] You can use the DB Manager app to update that, or the MySQL com…
  • Just pushed I fix that I believe fixes this. Let me know how it goes for you :)
  • Good find. I pushed a fix for the $recache error, but don't have time to setup a test for the other today. It looks like they're probably coming in as StdClass objects and need to be cast to an array. Does this change to that line work for you? $ap…
  • If both domains are mapping to those root folders, and Elefant's configurations are the same, I would check the following to make sure they're correct: Double-check the web server configuration for any minor differences between the two. Could one …
  • Can you let me know what the broken image links are outputting when you view source in the browser? And are these the default logo and background image, or ones you've replaced them with yourself? Let me know and I'll see what I can figure out :)
  • Thanks, I'll test with that to see what's up. One solution would be to use the Dynamic Objects menu and look for Embed HTML Code, then paste it in there. That should preserve it exactly.
  • Are you able to share the embed code for the button (with any identifying info removed)?
  • Updated the updater!
  • Right! I will need to update the updater. Thanks for the reminder.