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Sitemap not working

edited October 2012 in Apps

Hello, sorry to bother again. But the app does not show the sitemap.xml, everything is white. I already did what the README says, ja disable that option php but the problem persists, it is not created in the cache folder, and I even creating one manually it does not get updated.

Would anyone help me? I know this app is simple, maybe some misconfiguration I did not know. Anyone facing the same problem before?


  • Looks like it was using the old functions for building URLs instead of URLify::filter(). I've updated the app with a fix for this.

  • J...sent you a couple of messages. Please check your inbox. Thanks.

  • Hello, I managed to solve the problem.

    Well, even after updating the code I was researching the background if the error was on my server, then checked the "php.ini" even if it was set "short_open_tag" to "off". In php.ini was correct, but for some reason the "info.php" not recognized as OFF.

    Then set this option in another file. ".ini" to use for php. My php installation looked like this: I edited the file "/etc/php5/conf.d/apc.ini" and placed inside "short_open_tag = Off". So it worked :D...

    Well, thanks again, problem solved, is a tip for anyone who has the same problem in the future. Thank you again, now the sitemap.xml is created correctly.

  • You would have to put it in your main php.ini file not an elefant file. Glad you figured it out.

  • Ah yes, there is actually a troubleshooting bit on the github page for the app here:

    But maybe there's another way I can test for the setting in the app, or just avoid it with an echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>'; instead of the tag in the view template...

    @jmonroe, sorry I always forget to check the inbox on here. Do you have my direct email? Anyway, I'll get back to you tomorrow when I'm not just on for a couple minutes... :)

  • Thanks for your help. I'm here to help too, as I can.

    @ jmonroe I had changed in the php.ini file before, but he was not the expected effect, off of what I wanted. then put in another file .ini, which is also part of the configuration of php, then it worked. In short, the solution was to disable the "short_open_tag" in another php configuration file, not in the main file "php.ini". I knew that was not the problem file Elefant CMS.

    @ jbroadway is interesting to find an alternative to this setup php, I tried an "echo" before but could not. You are the best person to tell you what to do. But currently this App works perfectly, the problem was on my server.

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