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Google Analytics App

edited October 2012 in Apps

Hello guys, I'm new with Elefant CMS, makes only a week I started to use it for real.

My problem is with the App "Analytics" which pulls data from Google analytics and shows a graph, as in this example:

So I'm trying to make it work but could not. I'm using two servers, one with another Apache and Nginx both use PHP 5.3 +, are configured correctly.

Well, the server Nginx he can not create the first configuration, "conf / Analytics.php", so I created manually, because the server with Apache he managed to create this configuration file, but this error appears:

"GAPI: Failed to request account data. Error:" Request failed, fopen Provides no further information "'

He can not pull account data, but can authenticate.

I know it may be some old class, perhaps, or even some library missing on some of the servers do not really know, I searched a lot about solving this problem, including the API, but my knowledge of back-end is limited by after hours so I decided to come here for help. Thank you for your attention.


  • I've been having problems with the GAPI library as well, which seems to be the result of Google upgrading their API and starting to wind down the old one. They provide a new set of libraries here, but it will take some time to replace libraries in the Analytics app.

  • Ok, I'll try to resolve this, thanks for the help. Maybe someone has solved this problem and can tell us here.

    I'll keep trying to say back.

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