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New themes

edited October 2012 in Design


I want to create a new theme. Unfortunately, I never find the menu on the construction.

apps->navigation->handlers top.php


 * Displays the top-level navigation as a bulleted list,
 * with `class="current"` added to the current page's
 * `<li>` element for custom styling.

$res = $memcache->get ('_navigation_top');
if ($res) {
    echo str_replace (
        sprintf ('', $page->id),
        sprintf ('', $page->id),

$n = new Navigation;

$out = '';
foreach ($n->tree as $item) {
    $out .= sprintf ('%s', $item->attr->id, $item->data);
$out .= '';

$memcache->set ('_navigation_top', $out);

echo str_replace (
    sprintf ('', $page->id),
    sprintf ('', $page->id),


Drop-down menu would be the target!

                  {! navigation/top !}
       {! navigation/section?section=submenu !}

When I am ready to share with you and will be downloadable.


  • You may find the navigation/map handler a more useful start for generating a drop-down menu, since it already shows multiple levels. Let me know if you run into issues, or if I can help at all. Cheers!

  • Thanks for your help!

    I'm trying to create a drop-down menu

    {! navigation/top !}
    {! navigation/section?section=other !}

    I think the structure of the


    was set up?

  • I just added a basic {! navigation/dropmenu !} handler to the built-in menu types. You can see the changes here:

    Styling is fairly easy, just look at the apps/navigation/css/dropmenu.css and override the styles in your layout CSS file. Cheers!

  • If you add the

    {! navigation/dropmenu !}

    the menu and the page contents do not appear.

  • That's odd. If I replace {! navigation/top !} with {! navigation/dropmenu !} in the default layout, it works as expected here. Do you see anything in your error log or if you set debug=On in the Elefant config?

  • edited October 2012

    It was the first that I looked in debug mode.But it was turned on debug mode does not work the same way, only the header is displayed. Other content is not!

    However, if I change the presentation layer of the

    {! navigation/dropmenu !}


    {! navigation/top !}

    and then turn on debug mode I get this error message:

    ErrorException: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated

    elefant_autoloader ()


    74.         $res = glob ('apps/*/{models,lib}/' . $class . '.php', GLOB_BRACE);
    75.         if (is_array ($res) && count ($res) > 0) {
    76.             require_once ($res[0]);
    77.             return true;
    78.         }
  • Is there any more to the debug output? And which version of Elefant and PHP are you on?

  • Is there any more to the debug output? no more! Latest stable release: 1.2.2 PHP 5.3.x

  • Ah yes, the dropmenu handler used the Page::add_style() method that's new to 1.3.x. I just added navigation/dropmenu to the 1.2 branch as well, so it'll be available in the next 1.2 update. In advance of that, here's the commit for it:

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