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Navigation menu

edited October 2012 in Apps

I can't seem to get more than three pages in the navigation? I can create submenus. Example:

This doesn't work:
About Us
Contact Us

This works:
----About us
Contact us

Is there a way to get four or five in the same menu section?


  • I have 5 on my menu....I just added 2 test pages to it. You have to play with it...the positioning is a bit tricky but works. You can grab the page you are trying to insert and hover your mouse between the last two menu items...a black line should appear. Drop it there...once you do, you can reorder them by moving them around in the menu.

  • Thx for your reply. Browser are u using?

  • Using Chrome on Linux and Firefox.

  • It seems you can't drag a page from the right onto the root of the navigation tree, but that you first have to drag it into a submenu then drag it to the root from there. Just a limitation of jsTree it seems.

    I've been playing with alternatives to jsTree such as the nestedSortable jQuery plugin, but each has its own limitations and so far nothing seems quite on par with jsTree. jsTree is also close to a new major version, so hopefully upgrading once that's out will make it a bit less quirky to use in Elefant :)

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