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Elefant 1.2.2 security update and 1.3.2 beta released

edited September 2012 in Announcements

I just posted two new updates:

Elefant 1.2.2 Stable fixes a security issue with layout and css previews. The issue requires a successful admin login, who can then access the exploit through improperly filtered parameters.

Elefant 1.3.2 Beta includes almost 5 months worth of improvements since the last beta release, and leaves only a handful of remaining items before there will be a feature freeze and we begin hunting for and fixing bugs for the upcoming Elefant 2.0 release.

You can download both releases here:

The official changelog is here:


  • Just downloaded the beta version...about to upload. Will let you know.

  • edited September 2012

    Uploaded it and everything is still in tact. No issues thus far. Will see from here. One other thing...did you ever get a chance to start playing around to writing up documentation? I know I am a PIA and asking a lot, but I just cannot grasp all of this in order to make something work. About to hire you or shortj to do my app.

  • I haven't really organized the Festivalist stuff into any kind of outline for documentation yet, been a way crazier summer than I expected. Work is usually a lot slower than this too, so I'd have more time for that during the day, but lately they have me working on a handful of projects (an iPhone app, some interactive video stuff in ActionScript, and a new e-learning app for Elefant too! :)

    I think the docs from Festivalist will end up being pretty advanced though, really focused on structuring large apps, and tying Elefant into cloud services like Amazon S3. Although I'm also starting the work on an S3 app too since the e-learning app needs it too.

  • The beta is pretty solid right now, been playing with it the three hours. I am comfortable enough to use it for a client's site. With my new icon menu of course. :)

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