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Beta Version

edited September 2012 in Future

I have read a couple of discussions on the Beta version and I'm curious what the main differences are between Beta and Stable. I only see two tags in github and the most recent one is about four month ago. Should I be using Beta or has Stable surpassed Beta in features and updates? Also what is the proposed plans for minvc? When will it eventually be used as the underlying framework?


  • Here's an overview of the differences between the stable and beta releases:

    Once 2 or 3 more items are finished and we've got everything sufficiently bug free, the beta branch will become Elefant 2.0. I've been mostly using the beta branch for new sites myself, and I don't see the core changing much between now and the 2.0 release, so for development the beta is probably your best bet. For setting up simple websites, the stable may still be a better option though.

    As for minvc, I don't see it replacing the core, but more as a test bed for possible changes down the road. For example, I was just testing whether it was faster to use ob_start() and ob_get_clean() and have handlers echo their output as Elefant currently does, versus having no output buffering and having them return a value at the end. Turns out they're almost exactly the same, with output buffering being slightly faster :)

  • edited September 2012

    Thanks for the reply. I look forward to 2.0.

    Are those 2 or 3 items:
    Sync uploaded files to S3 (#31)
    ./conf/elefant upgrade site upgrade utility (#36)
    Web-based settings form for user and blog apps (#66)
    Quick inline edit capability (#47)

  • That's about right, although I'm thinking of putting off #47 because it's something I want to make sure we get right UI-wise. #31 I'm planning on being an add-on too, so really just the other two are left, plus bug fixes.

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