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Layout doesn't exist?

edited August 2012 in Design

How can the designer list a file that does exist in the layouts/mylayout directory and I can edit the file. However, when I try to apply that particular layout file to a page, it tells me, "The layout you entered does not exist." ??


  • Now it only works if I am logged out. All this time of messing with the layout files and it works only if logged out. Now...I set the pages to use layout default and they display when logged in now. The only bad thing is that I don't want to use the default layout...I want a different template for each page that I have created.

    Please help...I think I am going insane.

  • Which version of elefant are you using? There was an issue with layouts that didn't get fixed until a few commits back.

  • I and I both were having that issue and jbroadway fixed it. I am using 1.3 something...the latest.

  • Hmm. Not sure then mate. I just have started manually setting layouts in the database.

  • Does that seem to be a more solid solution?

  • I realized this is now running into chmod warnings in some cases (depending on the file owner, even if it's writeable), even though the template changes are being saved. I added a try/catch wrapper around it and it seems to work.

    If you can try again with the latest source from the master branch, is it still giving you issues?

  • I am uploading the files right now. I will let you know soon. By the way, did you ever get a chance to start documentation on

  • I just got back home Monday, so I've just been catching up since then. My band, the Flaming Trolleys, were playing a couple festivals in BC for the past two weeks.

  • It's keeping the settings now. Thanks.

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