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edited July 2012 in Apps

I have made a landing page as a temp till my web app is complete. I wanted to use user/signup for users to register when it becomes available. If I put in the link to user/signup the address bar displays but doesn't show anything on the screen except for the same page they were on before clicking the link. Am I not understanding it correctly?



  • You mean visiting /user/signup from the link isn't changing to a new page? If you go to /user/signup directly, does the signup form come up?

  • No. The page I am currently on stays as is. Whether I make a link on the page to point to /user/signup or if I type it out in the address does nothing.

  • Link to your project? Or email it.

  • edited July 2012

    Do you have {{ body|none }} anywhere in your theme file you are using? I only ask because nothing I do outputs any content whatsoever. Not even something that should 404 "page not found"

  • I didn't but I did just add it right below the opening body tag.

  • The {{ body|none }} is where elefant out puts the entirety of the content that it produces. It should go where you want all your main content to go.

  • What I'm attempting to do is just have a register form. Then the about and blog page pulls up a window that floats on top the background with some info.

  • Its something to do with my theme...I set another theme as default and the signup form came right up. I will look into it more.

  • If you email me just your basic theme file I can take a quick look.

  • Out of town right now but will be back Saturday evening.

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