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Category Asignment

edited June 2012 in Future

As i was playing around with elefant what I noticed is that is missing categories. It is very good if you structure the content according to categories. Example you define the categories from the beginning and after that you assign blog post to those categories or even pages. It would have been much easier to select the post after that if example we want to have a block with the "Latest Videos" or "Our newest products".I am really loving the flexibility and the templating approach of elefant so far. The performance is impressive and the template creating is really straight forward and easy to learn comparing to other cms'es. Very good job indeed!


  • Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

    For categories, at least in the blog posts, there are tags that can work similarly (and can be extended to work more like categories if needed). Under the Extra Options of a blog post, enter the tags you want (e.g., Video, How To, etc.), then when you want to embed a list into a sidebar or a web page, choose Dynamic Objects > Blog: Headlines in the WYSIWYG editor and it will ask you if you want to narrow the results to a specific tag.

    Obviously that's still pretty basic, but can be extended fairly easily as needed :)

  • Thanks but after i go to Blog: Headlines(Blog Latest Post) i dont get the option to narrow posts to a specific tag? Maybe I am missing something?

  • Ah it must be in the master branch then and waiting to be in the next beta. Sorry, hard to remember what was added when.

    If you try the latest source from Github, it will have what you need, and should be rather stable already. I've been using the latest for a while without issue myself, and should have a new beta release ready very soon, just been really busy this month...

  • I'm using the latest release from GitHub without any issues as well...other than my lack of knowledge and slight learning curve. :-)

  • Ok i will get the latest source from Github. Also I wonder if its also possible to limit the number of blog post that you want to show?

  • When you go to embed your blog post, it should ask you the number of posts you want to have displayed.

  • Ok thanks alot :)

  • You're welcome.

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