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My new project is getting close to show-and-tell...

edited June 2012 in Announcements

My new startup just submitted our app to Apple:

Elefant powered backend (and soon public-facing website too), of course :)


  • I signed up...can't wait to check it out.

  • Nice! That will be fun to play around with.

    I take it you know Objective-C then?

  • I do, but not super well (it's been a while). This was written in Phonegap in about 3 weeks between two of us, which was a crazy timeline. Now I've got until the end of June to finish the site itself, haha!

    Been working on the backend API for a while at least, so I'm mostly just building the site's UI now. Basically, I built a REST API using Elefant models and Restful controllers, then wrote a Javascript wrapper library for it that works on both phone and website. I'm building the whole site to render client-side with Handlebars, History.js and a few other scripts.

    I figure this'll make for some good Elefant tutorials after I'm done too :)

  • Would you recommend phonegap? I haven't really played with it at all, but I would like to have an app on as many devices from the get go as possible. I was just going to write an html5 web app and call it good until it has enough support to justify the native apps.

  • Phonegap has been really good, and while there are some limitations (had to fake a progress bar on uploads), it also has some really handy plugins. The Facebook integration worked really well, for example. Basically, it gives you a clean slate to build a web app on the device itself, and access native functionality through JavaScript. Definitely not a solution for everything, but it does work for a lot of uses and saves a ton of time.

    What I'm hesitant to recommend is jQuery Mobile though, which we also used to save time. But we were only able to get it working well after disabling all transition effects, otherwise it was glitchy as all hell.

  • I have a couple of apps written by myself and my girlfriend in jQuery Mobile. It works great for the simplest of tasks, but anything beyond that was just useless. Granted I used a php wrapper for it, but still.

  • The Festivalist app is now in the iTunes App Store!!!

    So many little things I wish we had time to finish, but our 1.0 is officially out, warts and all! :) Now back to trying to finish the website side of things haha

  • I downloaded the mobile app. Sent you an email. On another note...did you fix a login issue on this site? I know that anytime you click login from anywhere but the discussions home page it would lock up. I would have to go back to the main discussions page and then click login.

  • I haven't changed anything. So it's locking up on sub-pages of the forum? What browser/platform is it happening on, and does it happen if you switch browsers?

  • I am on Windows 7 with Google Chrome right now. But its not doing it anymore...hence my reasoning for asking. How come irc channel is always dead? I am always in there by myself

  • When I'm at work it's easy to be on IRC all day, but my schedule has been really erratic lately. I was away all last week, only in a few days this week, one next week, and three the next (pretty nice actually ;).

  • That is nice. Hopefully you're enjoying your time off.

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