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Another new elefant site

edited May 2012 in Announcements

We've just made this site live

We didn't immediately see how to let the user add sidebar blocks, but figured it out in the end. The more we use elefant, the quicker it becomes to work with, and the overhead on the server is miniscule compared with every other CMS.




  • Very nicely done. Looks great!

  • Looks awesome Bob! Just added it to the powered by Elefant page :)

  • Guess I need to hurry up with mine so I can gain that Hollywood status!

  • Alright goes...CSS Web Design for Dummies (which I clearly am) and then next is CSS The Missing Manual.

  • edited June 2012

    wokkie, nice site but on Firefox (mac) I'm seeing the main menus overlapping onto two lines... You could try adding to:
    #navigation li a, #navigation li a:visited

    something like

    and then maybe altering your padding to:
    padding: 1em;

    Also because of the big white border around the main image, the site seems to have two widths and looks a bit odd, you may want to look at that?

  • Thanks for pointing that out. We don't have a mac here, could you have another look now?

  • Yes that looks better :-) However I've now noticed that on the main menu you have a right border on the last item - but not on the left of the first. I guess it is because you are adding a border-right. It is ususally better to add border left and then remove it with the 'first-child' in CSS which is more reliable than say 'last-child'.

    The odd width thing is still bugging me, I can maybe send a PDF to illustrate?

  • We've removed the border on the last menu item now.

    You can certainly send a PDF to show us what you mean. The misalignment of the main images and the columns is by design though :).

  • edited June 2012

    No problem samthejarvis, I just tend to think of design in grids and when they don't align correctly it jumps out at me ;-) It is of course a perfectly good design decision to do this deliberately, apologies.

    Sadly I'm still seeing the two lines of main menu in Safari and Chrome on Mac. I cannot quite see what the problem is without mocking it up and I'm in meetings all this afternoon, sorry.

  • The problem is most likely to do with the subpixel font rendering techniques (anti-aliasing etc) that various browser/operating systems employ.

    IE9 by default uses directwrite (which for example renders Arial Bold at <14px correctly), most other browsers use GDI, an older, faster and less accurate method.

    The problem is that each method can at small font sizes render different character widths.

    However Macs use their own font rendering methods. I've changed how the menu items are displayed (block/float), if you get a moment could you check if the problem is remedied?

  • edited June 2012

    Here's a screen grab of the latest for me (Chrome on OSX):

    Looks like just changing padding on line 55 of default.css to padding: 10px 12px 10px 12px; would fix the menu:

  • Be careful with css selectors such as :first-child. Internet explorer is horribly lacking at support in that department. IIRC IE8 doesn't even support that.

    Granted, I am guilty as anyone of using them.

  • Thanks jbroadway, could you check it's displaying correctly now?

    We're aware :first-child and :last-child don't work in IE8, but a minor feature like this can be considered progressive enhancement.

  • edited June 2012

    Actually I think it is only Internet Explorer 6 that has no support for either. IE7 and IE8 both support :first-child but not :last-child, however a <!DOCTYPE> must be specified., which is why I suggested what I did.

    It can be a bit buggy e.g. IE7-8 don't update styles properly when elements are manipulated with JavaScript but this doesn't apply in your case.

  • Looks like it's rendering correctly for me now Sam :) That's in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera on Mac.

  • Think you've got em all covered J. :-)

  • Future reference:

    Awesome site... I just wish it was permanently free.

  • Browserling lets you do 5 min free, but also limits IE to version 9. Still handy!

  • You could just run the browsers in some virtual machines. I'm on a Mac and have Safari, Chrome, Firefox and a few other browsers as native. Then I have virtual machines for Windows 7 (IE8-10) and Windows XP (IE6-8) and some Ubuntu and a few other UNIX variants.

    VirtualBox is good, free and available for a number of platforms. Anybody else using it?

  • I have Virtualbox installed on one of my machines for testing purposes as well. I also have a Dell Poweredge T310 with Linux 11.04 installed natively and installed VirtualBox OSE on it with Windows as the guest. Its running a dial in dictation system for roughly 200 doctors and 3 facilities (hospitals). Pretty solid and stays running 24/7.

    Sorry for blabbing...but yeah VirtualBox is a good solution. I have VMWare Fusion and Parallels as well. VMWare is my favorite of the two as far as paid software is concerned.

  • I just find it is faster to flip between browsers using a service like that, than to use a virtual machine. Particularly for mobile clients (A lot of what I write for work is mobile compatible stuff). Plus, if I have a virtual machine, I have a terrible habit of destroying them by trying fun things. That and my dev machine is weaksauce. It doesn't like even one VM. :( I need to build a new one.

  • Here's a handy (related) tool I found on Hacker News yesterday:

    If you have a dev site on your localhost and need to test it on an outside device (iPhone, say), this will let you dynamically access it at a URL like Just change the numbers to your LAN's IP and set that as a ServerAlias in your Apache vhosts. Very handy :)

  • Oh yes it is! I was playing with that yesterday too.

    I already have ports opened on my router and dev machine that would let me hit my machine and test stuff. But this bypasses a lot of that setup.

  • Just perfect. I couldn't even think of something like this to be possible. Very handy for cross platform testing. Thank you for posting this link!

  • I couldn't get it to work. I have a public ip address setup in my vhosts since I am hosting about 20 sites off one box and 5 statics. I'm going to play with it some more so I can check it out.

  • Beautiful site, wokkie.

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