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How to save edited css

edited May 2012 in Design

I am working in the css editor under Tools...Designer...Stylesheets. How do you save the changes? I made some changes but lost them because there was no save button and logged in idle period timed out.


  • You should be seeing save buttons in the top right of the editor like this:

    If not, then that would be a bug.

  • Must be a bug. At home here on my Macbook Pro using Chrome, the buttons display. At my office on a Windows 7 machine using Chrome, they don't. Also...on my office machine, the whole editor screen is shifted to the right...hence cutting off the buttons I would presume. Strange. Works fine here on the Mac though.

  • Both in Chrome eh? That is bizarre... I'll have to fire up my Windows VM tomorrow and see what I find.

  • Sounds good. I'm reading my CSS book so I'll be putting development on the side right now anyway. Have to get the right tools under my belt before I can tackle the project.

  • It functions on Chromium on Ubuntu just fine. I can't replicate it on my windows installation either. Weird.

  • Not's working now for me. Maybe something was up before I did the Chrome update. I know I had an extension issue as well that worked properly after the update too.

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