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About the framework

edited May 2012 in Documentation

I have read a lot on the developer section of the site. I have a better understanding of some of it, however, I am still a little lost with the handlers and controllers. I think if I understand correctly that the index page of each app is the controller...and the handlers are the functions defined on those index pages? Is that correct? Also...I think I understand correctly that the handler will do the routing at the request to find the location of the page whether it be a blog page you're requesting or a contact form?

Please elaborate a little more or correct my thinking. Thanks in advance.


  • edited May 2012

    The handlers are the controllers.

    The typical MVC (models, views, controllers) framework makes sure that a request gets routed to the correct controller (in our case these are called handlers).

    The index page itself in a elefant app is in fact a controller, generally instatieted by calling the route /myapp.

    If you call anything else, for instance /myapp/contact, the request would be routed by default to your apps controller(handler) called contact.

    Elefant allows for custom routing procedures to be set-up if you so desire in the configurations of your app. I'll have to find it in the docs later if you need, I'm on my phone right now.

    Does that explain things a bit better?

    Here is a link.

  • Yeah...I read all of the Development documents over the weekend...just trying to make myself understand it all. Not that bright sometimes. I am going re-read it all again...and again....till I understand. Thanks

  • MVC takes some getting used to, it's a different way of thinking for sure.

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