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Problem with Hostgator... can't enable PDO extension, is not being recognized

edited December 2011 in Announcements


Hey, i can't enable PDO extension in Hostgator.

Has anyone had the same issue? I am using a sub directory, but i can't see that being a problem. I have the redirect set to the 'sub folder' extension of the original domain.

So in other words, the setting for the sub directory is with a redirect that goes 'through' the real domain. So for ...the redirect is

Also, hostgator does not allow permissions chmod 777, the highest they allow is 755. Hostgator block scripts from working with chmod higher than 755. So for my install ihave permissions set to 755.

Anyone with ideas? please


  • Hostgator's site says that the SQLite and MySQL PDO extensions ought to be available, along with PHP 5.3 (make sure it's not set to 5.2!)...

    For the permissions, that should be fine as well. As long as the files are writeable by the web server then that's what's needed. Often that means 0777 but depending on the setup it may not need it.

    And for the subdomain, as long as what the visitors see is and they're not forwarded to then you should be okay.

    Hope that helps. I would double-check your Hostgator setup and see how it goes with the web installer from there. If you still have trouble, post back and we'll see what else you can try :)

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