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Additional page layouts not showing up as option [Multiple Layouts]

I have been a longtime follower of elefant and have been recently using the CMS for more web projects, and have been trying my hand in creating addon apps (thanks to the example app, as well as the documentation), so that you all that have contributed to Elefant!

I am having issues with multiple page layouts (e.g. selecting layout for Blog, Blog Post page, Search, Individual web pages, etc.) My theme folder looks something like this: - img - js - css - inc homepage.html [Current Default] blog.html blog_post.html search.html

The only option I have within Blog, Search, or Webpage settings is "Default" Is there anything that I am missing, or possibly doing incorrectly that additional layouts are not listed within the drop down menus?


  • Welcome to the community :)

    Have you put your .html files inside the main folder of your theme within layouts (e.g., layouts/mytheme/blog.html)? The theme also needs to be set in the default_layout setting, then they should appear in those drop downs.

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