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Available Variables

What's the best way to see variables available to a template? I have a sub-template that I'm including in various templates, but I'd like to know what the name of the calling template was.


  • Hmm, I don't think it actually keeps track of that for the included templates, but it shouldn't be hard to add. I'll take a look at the Template class in a bit. Probably just a matter of adding a special variable to keep track of that.

    To see everything sent to the template, you can include <?=info($data)?> in the template.

  • Thanks. Is this something that Boris REPL would be useful for?

  • Perhaps, but not if you need it dynamically in the template itself.

    I just pushed a commit that adds a {{parent_template_id}} to included templates. You can also use it via {% if parent_template_id %} to determine whether the template is included or called via PHP, or {% if parent_template_id == 'myapp/main-template' %} to determine where it was included.

    This also highlighted an issue that after an include, the {{template_id}} value would still be set to the included template afterwards in the main template, so I fixed that by cloning the $data object first.

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