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Creating a business directory in elefant

To create a business directory with name of business, description, photograph, upcoming events (from events app), hours, location, etc., would you tweak the members app, the organizations app, start from scratch, or something else?


  • I would probably just generate a CRUD app like this then customize it from there:

    ./elefant crud-app business id name owner description:textarea photo hours address city state

    The owner could link to a user account using the user/util/userchooser helper, then you'd just have to create the forms for end users to update their own profiles, and the directory listings.

    You could get away with using some of the fields from the user like company and address info, but then businesses would be linked 1:1 with users.

    The organizations app could also be the basis, but it was originally written for a client who wanted a private repository, kind of like a CRM.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks! What does the userchooser utility do, exactly?

  • Also, I assume a one-many relationship from businesses to events would be the way to go.

  • The userchooser creates a popup for you that connects a field to the user table. The author field in the blog editor uses it, for example.

    And one-many would be the right way to go for businesses to events.

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