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Front-end Frameworks

Anybody have favorite front-end frameworks, particularly ones that work well with elefantcms? One list:


  • I've started using React for a project and quite like it so far. It's a different way of thinking about building UIs, but the more I use it the more it feels like where things are moving.

    I'm still playing with a few Flux implementations though and undecided on which to go with (Alt or Redux seem the most promising so far). To start I used Facebook's original Flux concept, but it quickly got too verbose.

    I'm also still exploring data store options on top of that, since Relay/GraphQL are coming along so slowly. So far I'm liking Baobab but haven't gotten into saving data with it to the server yet.

    Once I get a bit further along, I'd like to share what worked for me and even standardize a way to work with all those tools on top of Elefant as a data store.

  • Interesting. What about CSS grids/frameworks and UI toolkits? Any preferences there? I'm thinking of trying Kickoff on my next project.

  • I've used Bootstrap before but found I was constantly looking at the documentation since I'm bad at remembering the structure of so many components. It also felt hard to change enough to make it not look like yet-another-Bootstrap-site...

    On the React project I mentioned, I've been using Material UI which is also very featureful but works well with React so far. I've also meant to try Elemental UI as well, although I don't see an equivalent for cards that I make pretty heavy use of from Material UI.

    For smaller projects and for general website designs, I've actually been using Elefant's new(ish) minimal-grid which I just include into a template via {! admin/util/minimal-grid !} and add my own CSS from there. It's literally just a grid though, so I still have to set all my defaults for headers, line heights, font sizes, and form styles myself.

  • I know what you mean about yet another bootstrap site! The minimal grid looks good. Some of the css-only frameworks are interesting for style defaults.

  • edited August 2015

    Personally I like the layout-only framework when I just need the skeleton of a webpage handled. It's like the minimal grid but a bit more verbose. Uses media queries for phone/tablet support. Seems to do decent with SEO too.

  • Funny!: "Note: If you reached this site by mistake, perhaps you are seeking Unsemantic's arch nemesis…"

    Anybody tried bourbon/neat/bitters/refills or uikit? I'm looking for something lighter than bootstrap or foundation but still pretty full-featured.

  • I like the bourbon/neat/bitters/refills theme they went with there. UIKit looks really nice, and reminds me a lot of Kube which is also pretty elegant. Looks like they both have a similar feature set.

    I've also been meaning to grab a copy of Macaw and try that on a site in lieu of a CSS framework.

  • Macaw looks really interesting!

    I'm a little concerned about how to integrate the scripts in a front-end framework with elefant. For instance, it looks like uikit comes with jquery 2.1.4 and it offers components like a date picker, etc. Not quite sure which version to let trump (elefant's or uikit's).

    It seems like the admin CSS and some of the apps' CSS could need attention also.

  • Johnny, you mentioned React. Have you looked at Riotjs?

  • I definitely need to get things fixed so we can upgrade to the latest jQuery. That's been an issue for a while now. I seem to get stuck each time on the drag and drop for the Navigation app...

    I saw Riot a while back but haven't looked too closely. Mithril is another along similar lines. It would be cool to build something in all three and see how each one feels.

    I recently started building an app using Meteor, which was interesting. Some cool ideas, especially how it keeps all clients in sync with each other. Unfortunately a lot of the advertised magic of Meteor goes away when you remove the autopublish and insecure packages it comes with by default. It's great for prototyping, but then you have to remove those and build in the same access restrictions and convert everything to your own publish/subscribe methods. And the auto-sync is weird too in that the browser will render with an empty data set before it's been synced, then re-render with the real data. So you have to add code to avoid briefly showing "x not found" screens before the data appears.

    It makes me think the server side of syncing isn't solved just yet. Using something like RethinkDB's pub/sub features with Ratchet tied into Elefant could be a cool thing to try for pushing updates to clients.

  • I guess this might be a thread of its own, but can you explain what the issue with drag and drop navigation is? (i.e., why it doesn't work with current versions of jQuery.) Personally, I don't require drag and drop. In fact, I'd vote for the ability to have multiple menus (without using submenus) and current jQuery over drag and drop navigation.

    I'm not sure what to think about Nestable because it hasn't been updated since 2012.

  • I spent some time today updating things and made some notes on where things stand over in the jQuery version thread.

    The short of it being I think we're not too far off now :)

  • Sounds good. In the meantime, I noticed that Ink doesn't require jQuery, so I'm testing that.

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