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Linking members and events

I like the way there's a tab on the members page showing events the user has attended. However, I want to change it to events the member is hosting. Has anyone played with that at all?


  • The way it adds those tabs is it looks for a conf/user.php file in each app's folder (see apps/events/conf/user.php for example) and loads any handlers found in them as tabs. So you could add a new one and then just point it to a custom handler that shows "Events hosted". The events/user handler is a good starting point for that.

  • Cool, will do. Since both I want to keep both users and events current with your github versions, would the best thing be to create a new app for the custom "events hosted" handler?

  • That's usually what I do. I usually end up with a little app named after the site with my customizations in it.

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