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a small login problem in local machine

edited March 2015 in Install Help

When I try to visit site in my local computer, if I visit in url :"", it's all right. But if I visit in "http://localhost", I can't login successfully.

I remembered that someone got this error before, and me too, but I realize the right way now.

winxp + vertrigo


  • edited March 2015

    When I created a new discussion, I got an error. A small dialog appeared with json style text included. Then I clicked the post button, the page didn't change. I thought my brower had something wrong, so I posted again and again ...

    It seems that I can't delete my post?

  • edited March 2015

    Another, sections in the tools.php will be translated into I18n strings, but it is missed to add to language index? And, Content Blocks should add quotes?

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