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Pass a class to navigation handler

edited February 2014 in Framework

I'd like my {! navigation/top !} handler to add a class to the <ul> that it creates. Other than hacking apps/navigation/handlers/top.php, what's the best way to do that? Is it something you'd like to see a pull request for?


  • I've been using li+li+li to control targeted elements.

  • Usually I just add a surrounding <div> and add the class to that, then style .myclass ul

    If you want to add an optional class parameter to navigation/top that feeds into the <ul> tag, that sounds like a useful addition to me. I wonder if any of the other navigation handlers should have the same? And would an id option be good to have too?

  • Yeah, normally styling .myclass ul would work perfectly. In this case I'm using and I want the <ul> to be class="grid_9" so that it will resize appropriately.

    I think the ability to pass id and class to the navigation handlers sounds great and will come back to it when I get a chance.

  • How about give a normal template file to render the navigation? Then designers can adjust it whatever they want.

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