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Cool new way to customize the Tools menu

edited October 2014 in Apps

Check it out on the blog (with video preview!):

Cheers, JB


  • Awesome. Been waiting for something like this to come along. Will definitely help those who have a lot of apps installed where the tools menu expands past the bottom of the view-port.

  • The downside is it doesn't automatically add apps after they've been installed, but it could lend itself well to an app that allows you to customize the menu itself.

    I'm thinking of adding an option to let you specify an "other" category where new apps get added automatically, so there's somewhere they can be automatically injected into the new menu style. That could let us use the new menu style by default in Elefant too... :)

  • Great! I like a lot.

    Thank you Johnny.

  • I've added the missing elements to the new toolbar menu (awareness of install and upgrade scripts, access control, etc), and added a * column where additional apps not listed in the conf/tools.php file will be added (e.g., custom or installed apps).

    This allowed me to make the new menu the default for Elefant going forward. I think it's a much better user experience, and paves the way for incorporating help/documentation into the interface as well.

    I can also see an app being created down the road that helps admins customize the toolbar for their particular site, or even customizability on a per-role or per-user basis.

  • edited December 2014

    What about making an admin page for the toolbar similar to the navigation page so those with permission can manage what apps are shown where on the toolbar itself from inside the CMS? On the toolbar dropdown, you could have a small font link in the top left to link to the edit page if the user has access to the feature. Thoughts?

  • I definitely see that in the future, although I haven't had a chance to build it myself yet. Anyone wanna take a stab at it? :) It could definitely take a lot of inspiration from the Navigation editor, and could either fit into the Administration column or as an edit link in the corner of the admin menu.

    The path to the file should also probably be added to the [Paths] section of the global config, so admin\Toolbar doesn't assume it's always called the same thing (an easy fix that gives a bit more flexibility).

  • I think it would be suited better as a small link at the top so one doesn't accidentally "lose" navigation access to the page. I might take a crack at it sometime after the holiday season.

  • That's how I originally pictured it (a sort of "edit this menu" icon), although I also saw it as something each user could customize for themselves (a whole other can of worms there, haha). Not sure if that's the best approach for tech support though... :P

  • So it's after the holidays and I've made a PR for the toolbar editor. Worked really well in my local env, so there is probably a bug or two somewhere. Looking forward to any feedback.

  • Awesome! Just got the pull request notice. I'm just getting back into the swing of things, so it may take a bit to review this as well as your multi-key Model changes, but I'm going to try to dedicate all next week to Elefant so if I don't get back to you sooner then you can at least expect sometime next week :)

  • edited January 2015

    How the toolbar resource fetching will work with the new commits (it is a bit verbose):

    • admin/head/links - If there is a tools.php in the site root/conf, it reads for any resources in there. If the Extras section (name is customizable in the apps/admin/conf/conf.php Paths section) is present, it searches for a tools.php file for resources in each app that meets any necessary installation requirements. It then searches each app's Admin conf section, that didn't have a tools.php present, and fills in any unused resources according to the ACL permissions into additional columns (of no appended to the list. This list of resources results in the LARGE category-based drop-down. All columns exceeding 7 resources get an additional column with a continuation number appended. (eg. If the original column Administration has 9 resources, another column is created named Administration (2) and 2 of those resources are placed under it.) If there is NO tools.php in the site root/conf folder, the above Extras section type autofill occurs and gets listed in the SMALL resource-based drop-down (the old version). Since it's resource based, the column name appending does not occur. If a user has basic admin access but no access to ANY of the resources made available by the toolbar (including autofill if Extras is present), NO toolbar drop-down will be shown, but the user will still have access to the other admin header options.

    • admin/toolbar - If there is a tools.php in the site root/conf, it reads any resources present and lists them on the Toolbar Menu half of the editor. It also runs the Extras section type autofill and lists any resources not already present from the primary tools.php on the Available Resources half of the editor. If the Extras section is present in the primary tools.php, it is included under the Toolbar Menu half, otherwise it is appended to the Available Resources side.

    Man... that's a lot... I'll see about making a video showing the above functionality soon™.

  • Give me some time to read things over again, but it's really shaping up to be an awesome new feature!

  • Just merged this feature into the master branch :)

  • Looks cool!

  • Hi Johnny and Brony. The admin drop down menu isn't showing at all. what am i missing. downloaded the master from Git. Have tools.php in the root config, the one that came with the new master branch. Have tried a number of different path options and nothing. Feeling a bit stupid, can you please explain: extras section name customizable in the apps/admin/config/config.php? I have no menu at all, what am I missing. Have checked ,role is full admin privileges as I can still manually check via the address bar. Prior to the change the new admin was working. Your help is most appreciated. :)

  • edited February 2015

    Issue is only occurring with Brony's master branch. both side by side and Johnny yours works out the box. Can't see what the difference is. Using firefox developer edition beta. Also latest stable versions of chrome and firefox on lubuntu lxle. shakes head mayhaps it's a system or browser quirk. Love the admin menu, a little extra toggle and you have multiple options via screen sizes. You both ROCK!

  • A few questions:

    • What browser are you using? Any change if you clear your cache and log in again?
    • Are there any errors showing if you open your browser's developer console?
    • If you go to the URL /admin/head/links on your site once you've logged in, what does it output?
  • edited February 2015

    In addition to Johnny:

    • Are there any resources shown as being on the toolbar in the editor (/admin/toolbar)?

    As for the Extras section name, that is the custom header value for the autofill column that globs for app defined toolbar resources if it is set to be visible on the toolbar.

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