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Serious Cache Issues

My server was showing 0% for free space. I hunted down the top 10 directories taking up space and it was Elefant cache directories. I had one site that is a small brochure site grow to over 10GBs in size. This happened across several sites.


  • Can you check what type of files are taking up so much room in your cache?

  • Not sure at the moment. It happened again about 5 days later. Now I'm getting read only file system when I try to clear any cache.

  • That sounds odd, but I would need to know more info to help.

    For reference, I checked an existing site with a handful of custom apps and moderate traffic, and the cache is 12MB total which includes 108 compiled templates, 133 resized images, and 1092 cache files in cache/datastore. Other sites I checked look pretty similar, but nowhere near anything in the GBs.

    Another thing you could try is changing the cache backend in conf/config.php and using something like Memcache or Redis to store cached data, which is often a better solution for cache storage anyway.

  • Well a temporary fix is I'm clearing out the cache directory in sites. Any thoughts on the command that I could run server wide to only clear out the contents of the cache directory and not actually delete the directory?

  • You can clear the cache with this command, run from the folder of the website:

    ./elefant clear-cache

    This removes the following:


    This includes the dot-files found in cache/datastore too. Hope that helps!

  • I was looking a command that I could run server wide on all cache directories without deleting the cache directory. I'm already at 60% fullness from 24% a few days back. I know you can do this with the find command and something like exec rm -rf but I did this previously and removed all cache directories forcing me to have to recreate them individually.

  • Have you tried

    find /path/to/directory -type f -delete

    It works for me.

  • I'm needing something that will delete the contents of every individual cache directory in /var/www server wide. I did a variant of this command once before but it removed the actual cache directory name as well.

  • edited January 2015

    Maybe I did not understand your problem.

    Here in detail what I have done.

    I am in the site root.

    First thing I check what "find" will find.

        user@www.server.tld:/www$ find ./cache  -type f



    Now I run the delete command (in my example I want to preserve .htaccess with "! -name .htaccess")

        user@www.server.tld:/www$ find ./cache ! -name .htaccess  -type f -delete

    Finally I check on which files are left...

        user@www.server.tld:/www$ find ./cache  -type f



    ... and which folders.

        user@www.server.tld:/www$ find ./cache  -type d



    If some files are not deleted could be a permissions matter.

    If you want to do that on many sites folders you can find all folders named "cache" with

        cd /var/www
        find ./ -type d -name cache

    then pass the result to the first "find" command with something like

        find ./ -type d -name cache -print0 | xargs -0 -I{.} find {.} ! -name .htaccess  -type f

    adding "-delete " only if what is found corresponds with what you want to delete.

  • Thanks for your help but here is the easier method I found at least for me. I just run rm -rf /cache/ which I start from inside of /var/www and then it will recursively go through all the folders and remove the contents of cache without removing the folder or harming permissions but of course this would remove a .htaccess file if you have one.

  • Please also consider the performance impact of "rm -rf" in large file/folder structures.

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