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Move app to Content section of admin navigation

Sometimes apps are fundamental to a site and don't really belong in the "Extra" section of the admin navigation. Looking at apps/admin/lib/Toolbar.php, it looks like it's parsing conf/tools.php to come up with $add_extras_under, so it seems like it's already built in if I knew the .ini setting.

PS: any way to turn off the vanilla popups showing the results of saving the draft of my current post?


  • There's some talk over here about making a toolbar editor, which is the long-term plan for how to add apps to particular columns in the admin menu.

    Not sure about silencing the draft notifications. Do you mean the one on the next page notifying the draft was saved, or the one across the top when there's autosaved content to restore?

  • In regards to the forums issue, I believe twheel is refering to this popup bug:

  • I think this may be related to using Vanilla in embedded mode. I'll have to find some time to skin it to match the rest of the site and see if not embedding it fixes the issue.

  • Sorry for the delay in responding -- away for the holidays. Yes, thanks, BronyBorn. That's indeed what I was referring to.

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