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Documentation -- good job!

edited November 2014 in Documentation

I just read through the documentation at It seems very thorough and well-written. Nicely done.


  • Thanks!

    Btw, I just got the domain transferred over, so I'll be taking a backup of the forum and moving the site over in the next day or so. I've got to finish up some other stuff for tomorrow morning, so probably not until later tomorrow but we're almost back to normal now :)


  • Good news! Do you want to dump vanilla and restart with a new forum package while you're at it? (You could leave the vanilla discussions online in an archive, but not allow new posts.)

  • Not 100% sure yet. For now I might just import all the posts into the latest version of Vanilla, since most PHP forum software seems equally bad and a lot of it looks less maintained these days too... So I'm not sure what the best option to move to would be.

  • Ah. Maybe the latest vanilla will fix the spam issue. That'd be nice!

  • Fingers crossed! ;)

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