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versions list order

edited September 2014 in Apps

It seems that the versions list doesn't show the last timestamp/user.

I think the problem is in "history" function of "Versions" model that make a query like

select * from versions where class='[selected_class]' group by pkey order by ts desc

maybe this could be something like

select * from versions where id in (select max(id) from t_versions where class='[selected_class]' group by pkey) order by ts desc

Do you agree?


  • Do you mean that the author shows as 'Nobody' on the oldest version of the 'index' page or 'members' block? Those versions are added during the install process, so they're missing a user to assign them to, but otherwise it seems to be showing the info correctly from what I can tell.

  • No, I mean that in the main list of versions (/admin/versions) I expect to see, next to each id, the last modification date and its author.

    With the current query that does not always seem true.

  • Can you show an example of an incorrect date/author on an object? I've been playing around with it and it seems to always show me the correct info as far as I can tell.

  • I just sent you two screenshots.

  • Hmm, I do see the problem in your screenshots, but mine keeps showing it correctly. Just working on reproducing it today.

  • Running the two queries above are returning identical output for me. Still digging... :)

  • I'll have to test your suggested query across SQLite/MySQL/PostgreSQL next.

  • Just pushed a fix that incorporates your query. Was confused about why the databases were sorting differently, but in the end your query fixes it across all anyway :)

  • Thank you Johnny! I think the db returns the records in the fastest way. If the query does not contain a "order by" clause, it might return them not sorted. The fact that they are sorted in your db is just a coincidence; inserting and then deleting records could change the result (without "order by").

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