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Client-side file selection

edited August 2014 in Apps

I have been contemplating the best way to choose an internal file that was uploaded through the filemanager while inside another app and the following is what I came up with (no idea if this has been done before).

This script extends the use of modal.js and filemanager.js to allow apps the ability to have the user pick a domain-relative filepath and then decide what to do with the file's URI once it's been chosen.

If you find something that should/could be improved, please do tell.


  • This looks similar to the filemanager/util/browser handler, which has a usage example in the source comments (I need a better way to document reusable components...):

    The big limitation of it is that it's only really useful for admin-level users. It would be good to have more reusable components for member-facing features too, especially around handling uploads, profile photos, etc.

  • huh. so it is. good to know that's in there. I'll see if I can come up with something for adding users access control. Definitely something I could make use of...

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