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search filter

edited September 2013 in Apps

I need to create a search filter for a catalog generated by a custom app's handler. The best thing would be to have the filter in a block which can update the custom app's handler. Is there an example in Elefant I can follow to do that?


  • You mean you need one block to contain a filter (as in a select box or something similar) that will affect the main handler? All you should really need in the block is to generate a form like this:

    <form method="GET" action="/myapp/mainhandler">
        <select name="category">
            <option value="">- category -</option>
            <option value="1">One</option>
            <option value="2">Two</option>

    From there, your main handler would do something like this:

    $query = myapp\MyModel::query ();
    if (isset ($_GET['category']) && ! empty ($_GET['category'])) {
        $query->where ('category', $_GET['category']);
    $results = $query->fetch (10, 0);
  • That was perfect for filters containing static data.

    Would it be possible, inside the block, to fetch the data from DB?

    Should I create a dynamic object to be inserted by editor?

  • That sounds like the right approach, yes.

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