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pass controller params when redirecting?

edited May 2014 in Apps

I have an app called stores. I would like the individual store pages to have URLs like http://my.domain/store/id, even though the 'correct' URL would be http://my.domain/stores/store/id. I created a root-level page '/store' and added a dynamic object redirect to '/stores/store'. However, the trailing parameter 'id' is not passed by the redirect. Is there a better way to set this up?


  • You can pass on parameters to "mirror" a handler like this:

    <?php // apps/store/handlers/index.php
    echo $this->run ('stores/store/' . join ('/', $this->params));
  • I don't quite understand. If I want /stores to be an index page but /store/id to be a detail page, would the method you suggest work?

  • edited June 2014

    If you want to keep the actual handler for /store/id in the stores app, then you would create 3 handlers:

    1. apps/stores/handlers/index.php handles the /stores index page
    2. apps/stores/handlers/store.php handles the detail pages
    3. apps/store/handlers/index.php contains just the line from my example, which passes requests to /store/id on to the real detail handler.

    Let me know if that makes more sense.

  • Ah, I missed the fact that you put store instead of stores. D'oh!

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