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No local password for external logins

edited May 2014 in Apps

Would it be possible (and reasonable) to avoid to choose a local password for users who authenticate via google, openid, facebook etc..?



  • I made a small change that should make this possible:

    Now you can override the signup form for social logins with your own custom implementation just like the regular signup form. Here are the steps:

    1. Log in and go to Tools > Users > Settings and edit the settings.
    2. Open the file conf/app.user.config.php and change the user/login/newuser = user/login/newuser line to point to a new handler that you will create.
    3. Duplicate apps/user/handlers/login/newuser.php to the handler name you specified in step 2.
    4. Edit your duplicated handler and remove the lines marked Check for a custom handler override.
    5. Edit further as necessary (e.g., setting password field to blank).

    Hope that helps!

  • Many thanks, I am now able to register a new user without letting him choose a local password (though I insert a password to prevent authentication with only the email) recovering Name and Email from Google.

    Now I expect that the user registered through Google, can access (authenticate) without typing anything, simply by pressing the button "Sign in with" Google (icon).

    Should it be so, or I expect something wrong?

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