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updating 1.3.6 to 1.3.9

edited March 2014 in Apps

I'm trying to update v 1.3.6 from CLI but I get "1.3.6 is already up-to-date".

I think it is normal as check.php returns {"latest": "1.3.6"}

Is there any docs that explains how to update manually?



  • I just added the 1.3.7 updates to the old release system. I made a bit of a mess of the 1.3.7 release though by introducing a bug that breaks the CLI updater. So the steps to update from 1.3.6 to 1.3.9 will be:

    1. Run ./elefant update which should bring you up to 1.3.7 now.

    2. Patch the following line in index.php:

        FrontController::run ($argv);

    3. Patch lib/FrontController.php with this new signature for the run() method:

        public static function run ($argv) {

    4. Run ./elefant update again, which should bring you to 1.3.8 but throw an error on 1.3.9 because of steps 2 and 3. To apply the patch manually, run:

        patch -p1 -i conf/updates/elefant-1.3.8-1.3.9.patch

    It will ask you what it should do about those two files. Answer 'n' to each and you should have a working Elefant 1.3.9 site.

    You can delete the files index.php.rej and lib/FrontController.php.rej and I believe there's a database upgrade to do when you first log into Elefant again, but that should fix the broken updater and bring you up to date.

  • edited March 2014

    I was able to update after moving the site on Linux.

    Now, after having downloaded the updated version (1.3.9) on Windows (WAMP) I have some problems.

    1) Notice: Undefined variable: argv in path\index.php on line 32

    I temporarily solved by putting just before:

    if (! isset ($argv)) {
         $argv = "";

    2) I have to set compress_output = off in order to display pages.

    3) Adding extended field: /admin/extended?extends=Webpage&name=Pages# shows no form (also on Linux).

    Thanks and regards.

  • I believe this commit should fix #1:

    For #2, can you see if changing the last block of code in lib/FrontController.php to this fixes it?

         * Render and send the output to the client, using gzip
         * compression if conf[General][compress_output] is true.
        $out = $page->render ($tpl, $controller);
        if (extension_loaded ('zlib') && conf ('General', 'compress_output')) {
            ini_set ('zlib.output_compression', 4096);
        echo $out;

    And not sure why #3 wouldn't be working. Can you post a screenshot or check if there are any errors in the Javascript console?

  • #1 Right. Solved.

    #2 Yes. Solved.

    #3 Yes, there is a js error due to the presence of a single quote in order_updated (extended:119).

    Three darts, three targets centered. Compliments. Never doubted ;)


  • Everything perfect.


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